2021 Spring Rug Trends

No matter what season it is, chic area rugs are always in style! Soft, hip, purposeful, and valuable, area rugs are instant pops of visual interest and comforting texture anywhere you chose to use them. With so many shades, shapes, sizes, and constructions to select from in our

, it always helps to explore the latest trends for some initial direction. As winter fades and the sun starts to brighten up the world, here are a few of our favorite 2021 spring rug trends that might inspire your next great purchase.

Color Trends

At the beginning of each year, the Pantone Color Institute names the Colors of the Year that reflect the spirit of the world around us and help inspire our interiors through all four seasons. One of the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year, in particular, will fit perfectly into the vibrant spring months: Illuminating (13-0647). This radiant shade of yellow represents golden rays of sunshine and adds hope, confidence, and originality to our favorite rooms. An eye-catching area rug that features Illuminating is a savvy example of indulging in a bold trending color that can later be rotated out of a room.

Vintage Allure

Nostalgia is at an all-time high, and old-world vintage rugs represent time-honored workmanship, storied history, and years of reliable performance. You can opt for the warmth of colors, patterns, textures, and woven traditions from vintage Persian, Scandinavian, Moroccan, and Chinese textiles. You might also indulge in an extreme-distressed, washed-out, rubbed-out visual that is striking and charming. This effect is achieved through a special dye and machinal treatment to the carpet pile to ensure that your rug still provides plenty of effective performance.

Patterned Perfection

Area rugs allow designers and homeowners to add pops of pattern into any room seamlessly. Springtime will highlight expressive, vibrant patterns with bright colors and natural motifs. Consider designing with either brightly colored floral patterns or a bold floral design in a neutral color palette to reflect the blooming plants outside. Of course, classic floral prints will work well and always remain a staple of spring. We also love creative geometric, chevron, and herringbone patterns in fun color combinations that produce engaging rugs full of personality.

Stylish Sustainability

After 2020 managed to slow everyone down and take note of how we can improve our lives, we will continue to see the growth of sustainability both as a goal and as a design consideration. Thankfully, achieving an “eco’ style is easier than ever with rug manufacturers making a conscious choice to use environmentally friendly materials. What better way to pay tribute to the new blooms outside than by choosing thoughtful rug options? Jute rugs and Sisal carpets both offer durable woven constructions and plenty of organic appeal. You can also explore rugs created from recycled materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester that will uplift your home while diverting landfill waste!

Spring represents new life, and area rugs help us complete easy design refreshes that keep our interiors from feeling stale. Explore our Design Waterville Rugs.Shop for all the spring selections and exciting trends your heart and home desires!

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